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Dress Code

Jordan School District has a district-wide dress code. The most current version of the dress code can be found here, and below.

JSD Student Conduct, Dress & Appearance Guidelines

School administrators are responsible for the implementation and enforcement of student conduct, dress and appearance standards contained in District Policy AA419 – Student Conduct, Dress, and Appearance and these guidelines. The legal concept of “reasonableness” shall be the guiding principle in the application and discipline of student conduct, dress and appearance. Adherence to the conduct, dress, and appearance standards and these guidelines will be the responsibility of the student and their parent(s)/guardian(s). School administrators will have final judgement on all matters concerning interpretation of student conduct, dress, and appearance.

The following specific guidelines have been established to aid students, parents, staff and administration in the implementation and enforcement of Policy AA419-Student Conduct, Dress, and Appearance:

Dress and Appearance Standards include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Clothing should be clean and in good repair.
  2. Hats and other headwear:
    • May be worn unless it disrupts the school or school activity, poses a danger to self or others, or limits the ability of others to identify the student.
    • Any headwear that does not allow the student’s face to be visible is not allowed.
  3. Clothing (See illustration):
    • Must cover from the top of the armpit to approximately mid-thigh with no viewable undergarments (waistbands and bra straps excluded).
    • Must be from the top of one armpit to another and connected from the front to back over the shoulder, have fabric in the front (covering the abdomen), on the sides (under the arms), and have a closed back (covering the upper and lower back).
    • Provide coverage of the buttocks, genitals, and chest with a fabric that is not see-through.
  4. Clothing, appearance, jewelry, accessory, footwear, or personal item shall be free of any writing, images, symbols, or any other insignias that:
    • Are lewd, vulgar, profane, obscene, or sexually suggestive.
    • Advocates, represents, or promotes racism, discrimination, violence or hate in any form.
    • Signifies or depicts gangs and/or illegal or criminal activities. (Administrators in consultation with law enforcement agencies will determine what signifies and/or depicts these activities.)
    • Shows or references tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any illegal substance.
  5. Except as a part of an approved school activity or medical reasons, sunglasses may not be worn in school during the school day.
  6. Footwear, appropriate for the day’s activities, shall be worn at all times.
  7. Any dress or appearance item or practice that creates an unhealthy, unsafe, or disruption to the school or school activity may be prohibited.

With the approval of District administration and the School Community Council, schools may make minor changes and/or adaptations to the dress and appearance standards in order to address local needs. Schools should seek input from various stakeholder groups.