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Bus Information


The Blackridge School Community Council met on June 26, 2014 and as directed by state law and district policy, made the recommendation that “non-eligible” students who live outside the Busing Boundary Area be given an opportunity to apply for a busing permit.

Busing Permits will be issued based on the School Community Council’s eligibility recommendations:

  1. “Non-eligible” students living the greatest distance from the school and/or closest to the nearest bus stop, who submit a Busing Request for Ineligible Students Application, and are willing to travel to one of the established bus stops, will be issued a busing permit.
  2. Priority will be given FIRST, to “non-eligible” families with a medical need for student transportation, meeting the criteria above; and SECOND, to “non-eligible” families living closest to the established bus stop, meeting the criteria above.
  3. When a family moves into the “eligible” area, the family with “non-eligible” students living closest to the school will have their permit revoked. (Families with a medical need are exempt from this recommendation.)
  4. Only students living in the Blackridge Elementary "eligible" area, are allowed to ride the bus. 
  5. Busing permits will be awarded 15 days after the first day of school. Notification of permit approval will be forwarded to families via email.
  6. Families awarded busing permits will be allowed on the bus after permit is awarded.

Busing Permit Application (Will Download as a PDF)


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