Michelle Lindsey

Blackridge Elementary Teacher of the Year!

Mrs. Lindsey is an innovative teacher that ensures that her curriculum has plenty of rigor and appeals to students because it is always relevant to their lives.  She engages students in very creative ways using role play, technology, dialogue, and hands on activities.  The learning outcomes in her classes are significant as demonstrated on benchmark tests, SAGE scores, student products, etc.

Mrs. Lindsey has provided our staff with professional development opportunities as she has shared some effective teaching strategies that others have been able to learn from and incorporate into their instructional practices.  Mrs. Lindsey is a teacher leader who motivates all around her to bring their best each day and to fully invest for the good of students.

We appreciate the many good things Mrs. Lindsey does for our school and we celebrate her for the contributions she makes to our community.

Kelleen Leslie

Beverly Taylor Sorensen Legacy Award Winner

In an effort to create a well-balanced educational experience that addresses the many and varied needs of each child, Kelleen Leslie intentionally creates consistent and frequent integrated arts experiences with her students.

Mrs. Leslie’s fourth grade students perform brain dances every morning to get their thinking started on the right foot. They also learn the elements of dance while learning important academic concepts in memorable ways. They create and perform dances for many concepts, including the rock and water cycles, clouds, weather, fossils, geometry, fractions, and multiplication. One of the students’ favorite experiences is creating and performing Native American hoop dances during their study of Utah history.

One project in particular that showcases Mrs. Leslie’s ability to integrate all four art forms into her instruction is her current opera production. The students have created the story, music, lyrics, scenery, and costumes. We’ve enjoyed watching the process take shape, and we can’t wait to share the finished production with our community.




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