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Land Trust

Blackridge Elementary

Land Trust

School Plan 2014-2015


The specific goal that we have at Blackridge Elementary is to outperform all other schools in our district on Math Benchmark and SAGE testing. To do that we know that we have to work together as professionals and to focus on specific student learning outcomes as measured by our common assessments.

Our primary areas of academic focus:

  •  Mathematics
  • Language
  • Science

We are unable to site baseline data at this time as we are opening our doors to students from five feeder schools in July 2014 and SAGE testing results are yet to be made available.  However, we will be using ongoing Jordan District Math Benchmark assessments, Guided Reading Levels, DIBELS and SAGE results to assess our work.

ACTION PLAN to reach this goal.

Both institutional experience and well founded longitudinal data verify that educators working together in effective Professional Learning Communities ensure higher levels of student learning outcomes as well as teacher engagement and job satisfaction.

We also have witnessed the positive effect on student behavior and leadership skills as a result of a widely used character education program at each of the schools feeding Blackridge Elementary.  This character ed. program and curriculum will serve a dual purpose at Blackridge.

Providing teachers time to engage in the effective practices of team collaboration or PLC’s during their contract day is essential.  To do that we will hire 5 facilitators who will enter classrooms a grade level at a time and share habits of highly effective leaders with the children in each class.  The facilitators will follow a prepared curriculum, creating a “no prep” planning time for teachers who will engage in a 55 minute PLC experience one day a week.

During the PLC time, teachers will focus their attention on the most effective Tier I instructional practices and share ideas and strategies.  This work will all be informed by the evidence of student learning as determined by common assessments created and administered by the classroom teachers.  All of our work will be focused on three guiding questions: What do we want students to know? (Core Standards)  How will we know if they know it? (Quality Common Assessments) and What will we do if students know it? (Extensions and Deeper Understanding) What will we do if they don’t? (Quality Tier II interventions)

Students who continue to struggle following quality Tier I instruction are more likely to find success when included in small group teaching settings using a variety of Tier II interventions.  To help facilitate more effective Tier II interventions and to increase the number of students mastering essential learnings, we will hire 3 instructional assistants to assist in our Tier II work.

Expenditure Categories:

Salaries and Employee Benefits

5 facilitators at 8 hours a week for 50 weeks x   $10.50 $21,000
3 Tier II assistants @ $9,000 a year $27,000


Character Ed. curriculum and resources $4,0000


Estimated Carry-Over from 2013-2014 $0
Estimated Distribution in 2014-2015 $53,961
Total ESTIMATED Available Funds for 2014-2015 $53,961

If additional funds are made available:

If the increase allowed for an additional Tier II assistant, we would hire.  If the amount was less than $4,000 we would focus on research based Tier II intervention resources.

 How will the plan and results be publicized to your community? 

Letters to policy makers and/or administrators of trust lands and trust funds

  • School assembly
  • School newsletter
  • School website
  • School marquee

Blackridge Elementary Land Trust